"...there is a law of love in the universe, and...if you disobey it you'll suffer the consequences."
-- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


I feel very drawn to the King Center. In fact, I'd like to live in its immediate vicinity, to be in Dr. King's shadow. To be as close as possible to the glow, the aura, of a person so committed to a loving world.

(Acquaint yourself with the Beloved Community, Dr. King's vision, similar to mine, of an "Everybody Loves Everybody" global community.)

Barring such relocation for now, I'd like to join with like-minded persons to visit the Center in Atlanta, Georgia!

Interested persons, please email me!

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LOVE ETHIC: The Ancient Principle of Brotherly Love, the Most Powerful Force Available to Humankind.

~ Love Yourself, Love Others ~