"A [cooperative] society needs human beings...full of passion and enthusiasm for the general well-being, full of...sympathy for his fellow human beings...."
-- Rosa Luxemburg, From The Socialisation of Society

A Special Project of the Agape Order


Another part of the mission of The Order is "intercession"; that is, when requested, The Agape Order will intercede on behalf of individuals suffering painful non-loving actions or attitudes on the part of other persons. This happens commonly, though not always, in the context of individuals living on the same block or in the same community.

The Order will contact the transgressing person(s), introduce itself and its mission, acqaint or re-acquaint the transgressing individuals with the principle of Agape, underscore its importance, remind them of those thinkers and leaders like Dr. King who have devoted their entire lives to this principle, point out how their behavior does not appear to be in keeping with the principle of love, and listen to their point-of-view on the situation or conflict. We will then describe what a more loving action, response, or behavior might look like, encourage them to adopt it, and try and secure their promise to do so.

In selected cases The Order may act in concert with priests, rabbis, mullahs, social workers, or other individuals in similar roles, perhaps including, in rare cases, law enforcement.

Persons requesting such intercession are not required to be members of the Agape Order, nor is there ever a fee.  Our assistance is an act of love!

~ Love Yourself, Love Others ~