Note to Humanists, Atheists, & Agnostics
About Agape, Love, And The Love Ethic

Traditionally, and today, the love ethic, and behaviors, activities, and endeavors flowing therefrom, ranging from charity and relief work, to efforts to stop hunger and war, to calls for greater understanding, compassion, and wisdom in addressing crime and other transgressive human behavior, come overwhelmingly from religion-based institutions and individuals.

Such institutions and individuals must know that the Agape Order believes in organizing a critical mass of interest, education, and activity around the love ethic, and every institution and individual supporting such efforts is highly valued. This fully includes, of course, religion-based institutions and individuals.

Yet, it is likely that many humanists, atheists, and agnostics also believe in the power of the love ethic, or might reasonably be persuaded, if only they could become acquainted with it. Accordingly, such persons are also encouraged to involve themselves in this movement, studying, advocating, and ultimately trying to live, the love ethic.

Religious and non-religious persons: note the theological neutrality of the Agape Order, as described on our Welcome! page:

The Order is neither a "religious" nor a "secular" organization. It is a brotherhood and sisterhood of persons who can originate in any social quarter, religious, spiritual, or secular, to come together in belief in Agape, the principle of love. It has no metaphysics, and so neither espouses nor denies any metaphysical system; it has an ethics, rooted in a wholehearted belief in Agape, the love ethic. The Agape Order focuses exclusively on the principle of love--in theory, and especially in practice.

~ Love Yourself, Love Others ~